Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WWE Stars doing promotional work, The Briscoes/WWE and future of WWE Games

*Mark Henry is currently doing promotional work for WWE in Istanbul and Dolph Ziggler is in Australia doing promotional work.

*ROH star Jay Briscoe responded to rumors that The Briscoe's have a WWE try out coming up this month saying
"Just for the record, my brother and I do not have a WWE try-out coming up. we already had a 'tryout'. No, we don't want to do the same shit again"

*WWE has a clause in their contract with THQ that will give WWE the final say on if Electronic Arts will be able to acquire their video game licenses with the rest of THQ's assets. Rumor going around is that Take Two has swooped in and has already acquired the licence and rights to produce future WWE video games.

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