Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WWE signs indy wrestler, after RAW went off the air and the RAW fans

*Rumor is that WWE has signed female indie wrestler Rebecca Knox. She is from Dublin, Ireland.
*After RAW went off the air, John Cena thanked the fans and left the WWE Championship laying in the ring saying it was for them. As Cena walked up the ramp, the fans began humming Fandango's theme song again. Fandango's music hit causing the crowd to pop huge and start chanting "We Are Awesome".
*Speaking of the New Jersey crowd, it's said that they are were one the funnest crowds to work in front of. They cheered the heels and booed the baby faces. Some of the chants from the crowd last night included: "Pretzels", "Cotton Candy", "RVD", "Randy Savage", "Mike Chioda 1..2..3", "Ole", "Michael Cole", and "Same Old Shit". After the show outside the arena, fans were hosting a Fandango sing off.

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