Monday, January 14, 2013

Wrestling News Wire Hall Of Fame Class Of 2013: George Hackenschmidt

He is the greatest pro wrestler that you most likely never heard of. While the average fan may be asking, Who? Mention his name to any veteran in the business and they'll tell you, he is the true "Godfather" of wrestling (sorry Charles Wright). He was born in 1877 and at a early age excelled in various sports. It is said the while in high school, He would lift horses off of the ground and could lift 275 lbs with one hand. Following graduation, he was introduced to pro wrestling by a strongman who would have George take on all comers, but those plans would be put on hold when he joined the Russian Army where he was a personal guard for the Czar. After 5 months his enlistment was up and he returned to wrestling quickly becoming the Russian Heavyweight Champion. Over the next several years he would go on to enter several Catch As Catch Can wrestling tournaments and rack up various regional championships through out Europe and the United States. In 1905, he defeated American Champion Tom Jenkins to unify all the titles and become the first Worlds Heavyweight Champion. He would remain undefeated until 1908 when he lost the championship to Frank Gotch. It is said that Gotch oiled himself before the match. He got his rematch but was hurt during training but still competed despite a leg injury, it is said that Gotch paid off Georges training partner to intentionally injure him. Following his second defeat, George was training for a match with someone else when it was discovered he needed surgery on his leg. George decided to just retire. Throughout his career George won around 3000 matches but only lost those two to Gotch. It is with great pride and admiration that I induct George Hackenschmidt into the pro Wrestling News Wire Hall Of Fame Class of 2013.

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