Monday, April 15, 2013

Fandango makes history, Superstar Graham hospitalized again and Bruno's WWE deal revealed

*Fandango's theme songs rise on the UK music charts marks only the 2nd time that a WWE theme song has cracked the UK Top 50, the other being Hacksaw Jim Duggan's single from WWF Slam Jam in 1994.
*Superstar Billy Graham has been readmitted into the hospital with pneumonia.
*Bruno Sammartino said that his agreement with WWE includes him doing interviews for dvd releases. He also said that he will be in the next WWE video game and he agreed to a merchandise deal that will allow WWE to sell t-shirts and action figures of him. He said that despite them wanting him to, he didn't sign agreements to appear on WWE TV, but he says he is open to it if the circumstances are right.

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