Monday, April 15, 2013

Hall reveals a 2nd 3rd man, Nash vs Top Rope Wrestling and Mania 29 dvd cover

*During an interview, Scott Hall revealed that he and Kevin Nash had no idea that the 3rd man at WCW Bash At The Beach 1996 would be Hulk Hogan until right before they went out. Hall said that Eric Bischoff told him that Hulk was on his way on a plane, coming from filming a movie, and that if Hulk didn't show up in time, Sting would be the 3rd man.
*Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman took to Twitter to bash the promoter of Top Rope Wrestling, claiming he didn't pay them for their appearance the night before last. The promoter sent out copies of his proof of payment. It was then discovered that a employee of Top Rope withheld payment without the promoters knowlage because he had an issue with Nash. Nash has since apologized for the misunderstanding and deleted the tweets.
*Posted below is the the official WrestleMania 29 dvd cover.

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