Sunday, April 14, 2013

IWC Mountain State Madness 4 Results

(Newell, WV)
*Dalton Castle defeated Joseph Brooks
*This next match was sopposed to be Mike Rayne, Jordan Lennox and Kyle Matthews vs Andrew Palace, Corey Hollis and Brian McDowell but Hollis and McDowell came out bandaged up claiming they were attacked in the parking lot after last nights show. They brought out 2 guys to replace them. I didnt catch thier names.
*Mike Rayne, Jordan Lennox and Kyle Matthews defeated Andrew Palace and 2 unknown guys.
*Silvie Silver defeated Darcy Dixon. *Jimmy Nutts defeated Logan Shulo.
*Aiden Veil defeated John McChesney via DQ after Rex attacked Veil. After the match they continued to attack Veil until Zema Ion came out to make the save. IWC Owner Chuck Roberts came out and said tonight JlMcChesney will defend the IWC World Heavyweight Championship against Veil and Zema Ion.
*Anthony Ness defeated Michael Elgin to retain the IWC Super Indy Championship.
*Colin Delaney & Keith Haughton defeated The Gambino's and Blue Collar & Slaughterhouse to retain the IWC Tag Team Championships. After the match The Gambino's continued to attack and. Chuck Roberts brought IWC security out but The Gambino's laid them out. Marshall Gambino put Slaughter House through a table which led to more security coming out. Roberts then banned The Gambino's from the building and had them escorted out the door.
*Kid Kash defeated Facade. After the match Kash took the mic and started bashing the West Virginia fans, calling them rednecks. He tells one lady with a little kid to keep her daughter held tight because in 10 years she will be knocked up, probably to her uncle. Kash then got into several shouting matches with the fans at ringside before flipping a little kid the bird. Kash grabbed a jug of water and climbed back inside the ring. Kash dumped the water on Facade, waking him up. Kash grabs the mic and has everyone give Facade a round of a applause for his great performance. Kash says he respects Facade for taking him to the limit and says Facade will be World Heavyweight Champion in the future. *John McChesney defeated Aiden Veil and Zema Ion in a 3 way dance to retain the IWC World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Zema attacked McChesney then grabbed the belt and held it up, getting a huge pop from his hometown crowd.
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